Saturday, June 06, 2009

another party

How Wolverine celebrates his birthday.
Looks like HawkGirl should be perched here instead.
No, Zero the Hero didn't hit the Hulk. They're both just camera shy.
Zero the Hero (from Schoolhouse Rock) now over his camera-shy-ness.
The barely green Hulk.

Batgirl posing for her featured article in the Gotham Times.

The Hulk transforming during Batgirl's photo shoot. My camera barely survived.

How I made the costumes: The Hulk is pretty obvious. A cut off shirt and cut off pants. I think the best way to describe the Batgirl outfit is to answer Heather's question. "So, what did you dissect to make her costume?" The answer is: a windsuit, a fleece sweatshirt, and a vintage leotard. The sweatshirt is any yellow that you see. The leotard is the hat and the arm cuffs. The puffy windsuit sleeves are now the cape. The front of the jacket is the back of the shirt--the pants, the pants. And the bottom of the pants became the boots--I even kept the zipper so they'd be more like real boots. Its my first attempt at complete shoes, so they don't fit so well--too big. In fact, they only fit well enough to take pictures in, not to walk in. But, I plan to keep trying.