Friday, March 30, 2007

sad, sad

Lately, I have been having trouble figuring out anything that I like to eat. I can eat certain foods, if I don't think about them, but several things have been giving me an almost heartburn sensation lately. Hotdogs are one of those try-not-to-think-about-it foods that are quick and easy when I find myself desperately in need of some protein in the afternoons, but they give me almost-heartburn, so I can't eat them much. Everything just sounds blah these days, and the things that aren't blah give me a horrible burn in my esophogus. Baby carrots are yummy, but can man live on baby carrots alone? I don't think so, at least not very healthily. Besides, they don't fill me up. They just make me hungry for protein. Saddest of all, though-- and all of you will be shocked to hear it--I really don't like Chick-fil-A anymore. I just can't eat it. Oh, I'll still advertise, carrying my Chick-fil-A cup everywhere I go, but I won't be getting chicken next time I get a cup. Has it really come to this? I am very interested to see what kind of character this child will be. I had no trouble eating anything with Aubie, and she is an absolute mess! Hopefully food preferences during pregnancy have nothing to do with personality development ;)
Oh, here is the seventy-fied version of Aubie sitting on the steps. Thanks, Matt!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Gosh. I didn't get a picture of the cloak before it went into storage. How pitiful is that? And, I was going to post a picture of the present I made for Lyndsay (couldn't post before this weekend, obviously), but I stored it on the camera, and not the card, so until I have David's help, I can't post that either. (sigh) At least I finally have a new picture of Aubie : ) Last night, Mom and Dad stopped by (they were in town--otherwise it wouldn't be a stop-by) and took a few things with them to put in their new storage building for me. And while they were here Mom wanted to take some pictures of Aubie and our azaleas. We are always trying to duplicate an awesome picture taken of me and Leah sitting on Aunt Mae's porch steps (now my porch steps) when Leah was Aubie's age. Since we don't have that super-seventies-orangey-toned film development, I don't think we will ever come close. But at least my azaleas are pretty : )*After having posted this, and reading the two comments, I realized that I didn't mention how pretty the girl in the picture is--only the flowers. To me that was a given : ) I hope it didn't sound like I was saying that Aubie couldn't ever be as awesome as her Aunt Leah and me, because that was NOT what I meant : )

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yesterday was the longest day! It was a fun day, but good gracious. I will ALWAYS be sure that Aubie gets a full night's sleep before a sewing day. We went to Charis's, but since we are down to one car at present, I had to take David to work. Since we had to get up so early, Aubie was tired all day long. Every time one Charis's 2 kids did anything that even remotely favored being ugly (they are both very good children), Aubie would burst into tears. She's always been a bit sensitive, but I have never seen her like she was yesterday! So, from now on the rule is, Always get at least 10 hours sleep before you play with friends : ) Once I can get the camera from the car (David is out, and since the camera is with him, pictures will have to wait), I will show you the hood that Charis helped me make for one of the skits we are doing this weekend at Vida Nueva. It really is great, and only took maybe 30 minutes. I'll probably post a pic of the other things I made yesterday after this weekend. So, yeah. Sorry no pics yet, but when you only have one car, and the camera is in it, and the car happens to be gone, there is simply no way, is there?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


"I get a wollypopsicle right dere."~Aubie on the credit union.
"Dat my ugly muvver."~Aubie when pretending she has a wicked stepmother.
"Missamille not sick no more. We pway for her."~Aubie on the power of prayer : ) Miss Camille is her teacher.

I will try to post a picture of the dear girl tomorrow. Haven't taken any of her lately, sorry : (

Monday, March 12, 2007

so now I'm a chicken...

Throughout the years, folks have always had trouble with my name. Stage, Paige, Beige, my Belk account says Gaige. One time I got a letter for Sarge. I thought Sarge was a cool title, so its not one of the worst. But when I got a letter Saturday addressed to Sage Cluck... I mean... I really don't even know what to say. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow and let you see that I didn't make this up. Maybe if I change my name to Sarge Cluck, somebody will start getting it right ;)
As you can see, it was from the Social Security Administration, no less. Pitiful.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I haven't blogged about this yet, because I didn't really want to bore everyone with a post about household appliances, but I am so very happy, I have to share my joy. When Mimi passed away, of course all of her belongings had to be distributed between the two daughters, Mom and Aunt Karen. Mom was going to get Mimi's old refrigerator and give me her old one, but she hated the thought of having to haul mine to Mimi's for the yard sale, Mimi's to her house, and hers to my house. She wanted me to get Mimi's, but we were a bit afraid that Mimi's wouldn't fit in the hole for the fridge that the previous owners had cut into the wall. We pulled out a few nails and boards (not as bad as it sounds), and Voila! It did fit! So instead of three moves, we only had to do an exchange, and I have a "new" refrigerator. I wish I could say that the "custom dispenser" works, but it doesn't. But I am so happy to have the extra space that a side by side refrigerator provides, I really don't care. Once I had everything moved into the "new" one, and still had empty shelves, I was amazed at how I could have worked with such limited space before. But the true amazement came when I saw my old one at Mimi's and thought, "Was that tiny thing mine? How in the world have we used that for 2 years?" Everytime I went grocery shopping, I would have to clean out the refrigerator. Now, I just put the groceries on one of the empty shelves : )
(I thought the blurriness of no flash added to the eighties look of the "custom dispenser")

Friday, March 02, 2007

deliciously scared

Last night's weather was a bit scary. Since we are located somewhere near the middle of the city, we can hear a least 3 different tornado sirens going off. I try not to let my imagination get carried away with me. Each sounds at a slightly-off pitch from the other, start at different times, yet play together long enough to set your nerves on edge. The dissonance is quite disturbing. Whenever we hear these sirens, I can imagine myself walking on the front porch and to my utter horror, staring at War-of-the-Worlds-type aliens blasting their way up my street. It can really make one "deliciously scared", as Anne with an "E" would say. But thank goodness, no tornadoes nor aliens arrived at my house yesterday (in fact, 10 minutes away trees were knocked down, but we had no wind whatsoever here).