Wednesday, November 28, 2007

artwork and olives and a few other things...

This post was actually started on the day that it says, but it's December 3rd and just now finishing it : (

I don't think she's singing to him here, though that is what it looks like. I like to imagine that she is though. It makes for such a sweet picture.

This picture is so weird. Leah thinks he looks adorable in it, but I think he doesn't look like himself at all. He's cute, but it doesn't look like Matthan.

Aubie loves olives. Her Daddy and her Granny both hate them. I'm happy she took after our side of the family--olives are my favorite!

I love the color scheme in this picture. It is so Fall-y. But kind of Christmas-y in a way too. Its almost like the transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

This is the best person that Aubie has ever drawn and the first complete one, I think. That little circle at the bottom started out being a person, but it looked like a lemon. So Aubie showed me the lemon. Then she said, "It's a lemon peepee." Of course, I laughed. And then said, "We don't need to draw bodily functions, though, Aubie." Obviously not understanding the word function, she shouted, "IT not a punkin!"

Another funny conversation in the same night:
David asked Aubie, "What about Wady Bogo*?"
Aubie: "Hers not a friend. Her fired. My Grandma say, ' You fire dat friend NOW!' "
David: "Who fired her?"
Aubie" "Da Firemen."
*Wady Bogo (rhymes with Lady GoGo) was one of Aubie's first made up names for an imaginary friend. It was at least a year ago that she said, "Wady Bogo. Dat's my new friend."

Hey, if you haven't seen the video below this post, check it out. It is so sweet.

Monday, November 26, 2007

big sister

Aubie loves her little brother... and her new haircut : )

uploading video?

I guess the video never finished.--10/09/08

Friday, November 23, 2007


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Ours was so good. We went to Aunt Karen and Uncle Steve's house--truly the perfect Thanksgiving house. I'm not sure how it looks the rest of the year (except Christmas), but it is a lovely house for celebrating Thanksgiving. It was so nice being with family, and we really enjoyed meeting Corey and Garrett's girlfriends. They were both so nice.
Well, I'll start by explaining this tiny picture here. It was stolen from Aunt Karen. I had plans to get pictures of the four of us wearing our shades-of-brown corduroy, but I never asked anyone to do it and before I got around to it, Matthan needed to completely change clothes. So here it is, our one family shot--Matthan in his jammies, screaming his head off, and look. My cords aren't even visible.

Garrett holding Matthan for the first time.

Corey and Kat and the Cranberry Catastrophe (ok, so it wasn't a catastrophe, it was just quite hard to get the upsidedown--or whatever it's problem was--can open)

Don't click on this one, and you won't see how badly I focused ; )

Matthan, before his overalls were no longer photographable.

Bobby Wayne, Garrett, and Chelsea.

Another picture stolen from Aunt Karen's Picasa album. I was so happy it let me take the pictures--I had no idea they'd be practically invisible.

P.S. I am sorry that the words and pictures are always so funky and never correctly placed. They are when I type a post, but once it's published, it goes all wonky. I have tried and tried every way I know how to fix it, but it just won't do. Perhaps it adds to the quirkiness of the Saige Page, but I would rather that it didn't happen.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


"He definitely looks like PaPa when he's asleep", I thought. And for a split second--no, not even that long, maybe just a sudden thought--I wanted to call Mimi and tell her. But I couldn't.

Monday, November 05, 2007

one month

Notice the date--this post was started yesterday : )
Its hard to believe he's been here a whole month. At 2:18 this morning, Matthan turned one month old. He is growing so fast. And although he's getting heavier, I'm getting excited that he's getting bigger. He's smiled at me twice, but that was only under the perfect circumstances (just been fed, changed, and in a good mood). I am so looking forward to smiles "just because", not just perfect circumstances smiles. He's so adorable--I can't wait to see if that dimple that sometimes appears will show up when he smiles (I was so happy he was smiling, that I forgot to look at the dimple).

Lest you think that this will turn into a Matthan blog and you will never here about Aubie anymore, I'll tell you an interesting fact about her. Aubie's favorite show is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
She especially loves the part of the show where they say, "Bus Driver, Move that bus!" But really, she loves the whole thing--how they help people, how I cry every time, how loud and obnoxious (but funny) Ty is. I think her favorite part is that we all watch it together as a family and though I am the only one crying, that we all are so uplifted by seeing these needy families being so touched.
Oh, and an Aubie quote for you : yesterday, when I was really down about something, I just sighed and said, "What am I going to do?" Aubie said, "Just bewax, Mommy. Just bewax."