Friday, December 29, 2006

some Christmas favorites

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from this Christmas and some of Aubie's favorite presents:
*her princess dress that my mom made
*the princess and the pink piano (keyboard, really) from Mimi
*the sunglasses and helmet that came with the scooter David's dad sent
* her doll house from Mommy and Daddy
*the daddy and kitty in the dollhouse
*(another favorite is her tent from MarMar, but I don't have a picture of that one yet)


Hope you all had lovely Christmases! Ours was great. Aubie got a bit spoiled opening presents at 5 different locations. But she's almost over it now.
Back before Christmas, on the 19th, I had planned to have a fun day of sewing with my friend Charis , but Aubie and I got sick, and we weren't able to go. So we got together this week instead, and it really ended up being much better getting together after Christmas since we both had several projects going on before. And look what I made (with a lot of help from Charis)! I am so happy at how it turned out. Aubie is so proud of her new dress. Charis did the monagraming (of course) and suggested adding the rick-rack, which gave it an especially nice touch. So here it is--Tada! Aubie's first monagramed article of clothing. Her one rich-kid dress.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


There are many craft bloggers who would say, "Look who I found in my yard today" or "This little fella' came strolling through the leaves" or something cheesy like that. Kudos to the very first person who came up with such a "cute" way to describe their lastest creation. But since its been done (time and time and time again), I'm just going to put this picture on here and show you what I made. Except for the fact that I used a sweater (very hard to sew over all the bumps and unravels), he was prettty easy to make. I found the pattern here. Mom thought he was adorable!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! This will most likely be my last post until after Christmas--and I can't wait to post again so I can show you what I made for my mom! I am dying to put it on here, but accidents happen, and I wouldn't want her to end up seeing it before Christmas somehow. So, instead, here is the picture that would have been on my Christmas cards had I gotten them made (I missed the date on the coupon I had--such a good deal!--and I just lost my inspiration to do them after that.) So, just pretend there are snowflakes on one side and a little Christmas wish from our family to yours on the other : )
See you after Christmas!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

bead-ie baby

One of the greatest compliments I've ever received was when I was around nine years old. A good friend of our family (the woman who is now my husband's boss's mother) was watching me play with my siblings and her grandaughter. While watching us, she told my mom, "Saige plays like we used to". She said how great it was to see a child in that day and time be able to imagine their toys and things as children from the Great Depression era had to. We were kinda poor, but I had all the toys I needed and then some. I just liked to pretend. Well, it seems that like kind produces like kind. This is a picture of Aubie's baby in Time Out. In answer to the question that I know you are asking right now-- yes, she has baby dolls. Like 4 of them. She just prefers to imagine. Most times, toys only make a mess around here. But beads, well, they get turned into babies. Or dogs. The other day, I had to stick a thermometer in a "real sick" dog's mouth while having no idea where the mouth was. It wasn't until Nurse Aubie said, "right he-uh" that I knew where to put it. Of course in real life, dogs don't get thermometers in their mouth, so it probably wouldn't have mattered. As strange as it looks and sounds (having a bunch of beads for a baby), I love never knowing what crazy thing she will come up with next! Her imagination is 10 times better than mine was already--I am so excited to see the amazing person she is growing up to be.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

the seven year lip...

Yeah, I know its "the seven year itch", but in my case that doesn't really apply... well, except for the itchiness that comes with a cold sore. Seven years ago, this same exact cold sore came up and swelled the left side of my lip to the size of a small marshmallow. So, because of its horrid appearance, I went to the doctor. He in turn gave me Zovirax, which made it puff into the size of a large marshmallow. It was a truly humbling experience. Well, here it is again, seven years later, swelling up the left side of my lip to the size of a small marshmallow, while the other side stays normal. It looks almost like they didn't quite finish my make-up before I stepped onto the stage of "Cats". This time, though, I know better than to go to the doctor for something as trifling as a cold sore : )

So, instead of grossing you out with pictures pertaining to this post, I thought I would show a picture or two that I took at the wedding Sunday.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

what a weekend!

This weekend was stinkin' busy! Thursday (which is not a day of the weekend--I realize--but its getting there), we had David's work Christmas party. Then Friday morning, I had my work Christmas party. Friday night--thank goodness--we didn't have anything planned, but my brother dropped by for a short visit. Then Saturday morning, I woke up really early and went to some doorbuster sales and got home at 8:50, which made David late to his 9:00 Airsoft game. Then Saturday afternoon I went to my brother and sister's house to help get ready for the 4th Annual Daniel Dean Christmas party (I'm 4 for 4). Sunday morning, our church praise team (me, David, and our friends Josh H. and Steve D.) lead the congregation in Christmas carols at the church I grew up in (oh, wait! which means all this busyness started Wednesday night because we had a hugely long practice--Christmas songs are harder than they seem). Then Sunday afternoon we went to the wedding of the pastor's (of that church) daughters wedding (yet another very pretty Christmas wedding). Then Sunday night, we had a sort of Christmas party with our church at Mom and Dad's. And finally--I'm coming in for a landing, as Dad says--last night, we had our ladies Bible study. Today, I should have been going to a friend's house to sew all day and then our families have supper together, but alas. Aubie and I both were just too worn down from all the busyness. She had a fever (no symptoms, just fever) and I just feel exhausted. No more plans for this week except finishing shopping (only a few little things to buy) and then Christmas! Woohoo!

So anyway, here are few pics from Saturday night:

*a fun game of invisible football. by the way--To all who were there: Let's plan a game of invisible football when I know I won't be sleep deprived and see if I play any differently. If not, I'll quit making excuses, I promise ; )

*My Dad and some others doing serious puzzle work (only to be destroyed hours later by Hurricane Aubilane) while I discuss shoes with Amanda and Miss Debbie.

attempting to do her part putting the 1000 piece puzzle together (prior to becoming a devistating force of nature).

Friday, December 15, 2006

first Christmas play

Here it is--the shirt with handprints that don't belong to my daughter. Tada! This was her outfit for the Christmas play. All the kids were so cute. And not a one of them cried! There were like 200 parents and relatives there so of course over half of the kids had stage fright. Aubie was one of those stage-frightened children. Poor thing--she couldn't quite get her hand motions to go with her singing. Half the time she didn't sing at all (which was sad, because she sings all the time at home). But her little wave to us was so sweet. She would look around a bit and then look at us and do a tiny little wave--hoping to not get in trouble, but wanting to make sure we saw her at the same time. She was so precious.


Does this not look like the Grinch's sleigh? I got so many presents! One of the perks of being a preschool "teacher". Woohoo! (The Christmas tree was mine already and the pullups box is full of presents, not pullups ; ) )
Doesn't Aubie remind you of little Cindy Lou Who in this picture?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I felt I could take poetic license with the word bric-a-brac and I'll tell you why...
and I never did.--10/09/08

Monday, December 11, 2006

rome, rome on the range

You know, that would be a cute title if I had a picture of Aubie cooking something while we were in Rome this weekend, but alas. I have no picture, so its just a corny way to put our destination in the title of my post. We had a lovely time there, though. I was afraid that I had planned the trip very poorly--I wasn't going to get to see Hannah, I had to change plans about when my friends and I were going to get together (Friday night instead of Saturday), and I didn't know if I wanted to go all by myself to the wedding that I had specifically gone to Rome to attend. But I was only 15 minutes late on Friday night (thank goodness Atlanta traffic wasn't as horrible as it usually is on Fridays) and we had such a fun time! I just love Christmas traditions (this was our 5th annual)! Then I made up my mind that I didn't mind going alone to a wedding--though I would have loved to dance in Ford Dining Hall at Berry College with the fire in the fireplace and all the Christmas decorations, and the beautiful Christmas music, and... oh, well. The wedding was really pretty. I loved, loved, loved the bride's dress and veil--both had red accents to go along with the Christmas theme. Just beautiful! And then Sunday, at church, as always, I enjoyed it so much. Just about every time we visit the River Church, I just get so blessed by either the music, or the message. This Sunday, it was the message. A weekend that I thought I had planned amiss, God had planned out perfectly. It really was just an awesome visit all the way around.
So, here are a few pics. This candid of me and my Credit Union friends (and Natalie's daughter) turned out better than the real one, so that's why I put it on here.
This other is me and my friend Lori.
And then Aubie and Granny and Great Granny (David's grandmother). We had such a good visit with her too!
And then, at the top, another levy picture, but this time of David and Aubie. That is such an awesome hill to climb! This time, I wore my combat boots, and walked right up there : )

Friday, December 08, 2006

something crafty

Well, my promise to myself that I would post one crafty thing a week has long been broken : ( Post something crafty? : p*** I'd just like to do something crafty once a week. But, thanks to a Christmas get together with friends, I have some things to post! Yea! Let me just warn you. I am an impatient sewer and rarely am able to sew straight lines because of it. So, I hope my friends will not be ashamed to send crooked cards, but other than that, I think they turned out ok. No, I didn't make the bag. I found these cute little velveteen bags at the Dollar Tree--black, purple, and green. I always try to do something "alike, but different" for my 3 friends. So, why are there 3 snowmen cards? They look nothing like the others. Well, I found out that a girl I haven't seen in a very long time will be coming too and I couldn't leave her out. So, since I messed up on one, I only had 3 left to give her. At least I'll have something to give her. Funny thing is, the snowmen took so much less time and energy, but I kinda like them better cause the snowmen are so cute.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Is this not the cutest thing ever? Aubie made it at school yesterday. Unlike her Christmas shirt that they had to hurry and make--she will be wearing some other child's handprints for her musical debut next week--these actually belong to her.


All I want for Christmas is a Photoshop, a Photoshop, a Photoshop...
I used to be a purist. No doctoring photos for me. If they didn't come out right, well, then, I must not have taken a very good picture. And I got pretty good at taking good pictures for a while--then my camera got squished by a car (David got me a really nice one after that, but even with zoom, I missed the bond my old camera that I had and I feel like I didn't take as good of pictures). I used to refuse to get a digital. I didn't want those dots all over my pictures--then all the photo developing places when digital, so I had the dots anyway. Now, I have a digital camera that I use all the time and I am asking Santa for a Photoshop. What has become of me?
Ok, well, there is a small part of the purist left in me. I have really started to hate using a flash. So, here's a picture of Aubie using just light from the blue windows in the nursery the other day. I just love the color and the shading. Now, if only I could get my model to smile...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Here are a few snapshots of our time outside the other day:

Two handfuls of "blueberries", two leaves that Mommy caught as they were falling (way to go, me!) and a baby acorn, one of our last Camelias, and my own Little Red Riding Hood.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"flower" girl

Based on her preferences for play and work, if I could predict what Aubie would be when she grows up, I would say a chef. Whenever she plays, she is always cooking something. Sometimes when she gets a little hungry, she comes to me and says, "I crack eggs?" Last night, I was making cube steak, but I only had one more left to flour when she discovered what I was doing. "I do to, Mommy?" How could I resist? But when the last piece was covered in flour Aubie was quite disappointed to find out there wasn't any more steak. SO, I told her she could stir the flour; pretend she was battering something. By the time she was done, she was covered in flour. Next time, I think I will let her start with the first piece so maybe I won't have so much to clean up.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

last day of November

Can you believe its December already? (well, in like 3 minutes it will be)Man, this year has flown by. Well, I guess I should post the few good pictures I got from David's party since his birthday is in November. And the party seems so long ago that if I don't post soon, then you will forget that I ever said I'd post them.

1)A picture of Daniel and my just-as-favorite cousins, Nathan and Caleb at Georgetown (a big time airsoft place somewhere far away from here--where they and David spent the dayof David's"surprise" party).
2)David's candles and his airsoft gun (in the form of a t-shirt).
3) Leah in her army green (everyone was to come as camo as possible).4) Another picture of Leah in her army green. I am not sure exactly what look she's going for here... I think she is awestruck at how much our decorating looks like the inside of a military tent. David told me all it needed was a ____________ map (I forget the word... something about strategy or something, but it sounded real professional when he said it) laying on the table and it would have looked very realistic.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving and the cleanup following...

I am thankful to have a sink. I am thankful to have dishwashing liquid. I am thankful to have dish cloths. But if I am to truly be honest, I would gladly give up my dishcloths and dishwashing liquid to have a dishwasher (at this point, I might even throw the sink into the deal). I tried to wash as I went, but a batch of cookies would get done and then I would need to start something else, so, maybe one or two things got cleaned in the process. By the time we got home from Mimi's that night, I was tired and did not want to face the mountain that stood before me in the kitchen, so I went to bed instead. Hoping beyond hope that some little elves had come and washed all my dishes for me, I woke up and walked slowly into the kitchen to find... the same horrendous sight that I had left the night before. But my sweet little helper was offering once again, "I wash dishes too. I help you." I am so sad that I didn't think to get pictures of her helping me make our Thanksgiving food. So I had to take a picture of her helping me clean up afterward (even though it displays my horrible sink--the one that I have decided I would most definitely throw into the trade deal for a diswasher). She loves to help Mommy. If you haven't already guessed, I HATE washing dishes! And even though she didn't really wash anything, her being there helped me get the job done.

The other 2 pictures are of David, Garrett (my "favorite" cousin), and my brother Daniel, and then of Garrett and Aubie. That would have been a perfect picture if Aubie hadn't closed her eyes. I wish I had more, but I have kinda been in a picture slump lately, and really don't take many unless something hits me up side the head and says "TAKE SOME PICTURES!". And since that sort of thing rarely happens, I only got about 7 or 8 pictures at Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

just a quick note...

Hi everyone. I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Ours was really nice. I can't really write anything right now because I am in the middle of cleaning the house. David has stepped out for a few minutes and that is the ONLY reason I have been able to get online. ; ) So, just wanted you to know that Thanksgiving cooking didn't kill me, but the cleaning up the kitchen afterward just about did. Will write again soon! ~Saige

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


It's been almost a week since I last posted. Sorry. I just couldn't think of anything I wanted to say. But I have been thinking about what I used to blog about. And how I don't blog about that sort of thing very much anymore. And what is that sort of thing? Well, Tommy* for one. I used to talk about my troubles with him all the time. But I have gotten so wrapped up in trying to make the picture fit the story, that I haven't even told you that he isn't in my class anymore. Hasn't been for 2 weeks. The fact that I haven't even blogged about that thorn in my side having been removed makes me think about all the things that I get so upset about and cry and pray and say, "God, why the crap is this happening?" And then when it goes away, I completely forget that it ever bothered me in the first place. Instead of seeing it as an answered prayer and being thankful that I don't have that problem bothering me anymore. I've just been trying to think about some of the things I should be thankful for this week. And that is definitely one of them. I am so happy that God worked it out for him to go to the next class up where he is learning letters, colors, and numbers and even saying the pledge of allegiance. So much better for such an intelligent boy than just playing with some plates and a grocery cart (we have a lot more than that to play with in my class--I just said that for effect). So anyway. I am truly thankful for his being somewhere better for him and that being so much better for me ; )
*in case you haven't read the Tommy story, the name has been changed to protect the--well, now that he's not in my class, I can say it-- innocent ; )

Tomorrow, I will try to post a picture or two of David's "surprise" party. Today's picture is one that doesn't fit the story, but look at my cute little fashion designer. Came up with the accessories all by herself.

Friday, November 17, 2006

every other day

When you read the words "every other day", you automatically start singing "Monday, Monday"? I do. I can't even say those words with out thinking of the Mamas and the Papas. Speaking of the Mamas and the Papas, don't you wish Lane Bryant had been around when they were singing? Poor old Mama Cass. She wasn't even as big as the mumus made her look. If she could have gone to Lane Bryant ( the one in the mall, not the catalog that sells mumus), she could've looked great. Anyway, the reason I am writing these three little words is because that is how often I am going to try to blog. I...
Ha. Wouldn't that be nice. Every other month is more like it.--10/09/08

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

what a Wiggly time!

Let me just begin this by saying, I love the Wiggles. We had a great time seeing them at the Centerplex last night. Wiggles fans will notice that someone else is wearing Greg's shirt. : ( We were told at the concert that he was sick and still at home in Australia. Here is a news article about his illness. I was sad that Greg wasn't there--I absolutely love his voice--but Sam, his understudy, did an awesome job. And of course the other Wiggles did such a great job distracting us from the fact that Greg wasn't there, that I was indeed distracted. I've read that some people feel jipped because they didn't get the "entire Wiggles experience". What the crap? is what I say. They did a smashing job and I would pay $34.50 to see them any day! (of course, thanks to Mimi, I didn't have to. Thank you Meems!) I love the Wiggles more than ever after seeing them "in concert". They just get up there and have fun and then include you and your child in that fun. And yes, in case you were wondering, they really do play their own instruments. Anthony (blue) plays the drums for real and of course Jeff (purple) plays keyboard, because he has composed many of their songs. And then, when it was time for Mu-Mu-Music with Murray, Murray (the one in red) said, "Let's see. Maybe a little something like this." And he started playing "Stairway to Heaven". It was great. David was impressed I think. He sorta thought they just played enough to look like they knew what they were doing on the videos. But they are Awesome! I love you Wiggles! WOOOOOOOOOO! ok, I wasn't this bad at the "concert", but just about. I kinda understand the British Invasion now (as in the Beatles, not the one Paul Revere was hollering about. And yes, I know they are Australian, not British.) Did I tell you I love the Wiggles?

I thought about cropping this picture of Captain Feathersword, but the people in the audience are so great. Look at how happy that lady is. And that little boy is having such a fun time!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Pretty happy about this one. Although, in another set, Aubie had more guy matches than girls. And one of them happened to be the President of the United States. It's funny, but when you look at the people and then at yourself or your child, you do start to see common features. With some of the likenesses, you can't even really identify what they are, but its like you can just tell somehow that the people look alike. Its really weird. Thanks Kate, this has been fun!

Grace Kelly and Chelsea Clinton

How in the world did they get 83% for Grace Kelly from this picture. Don't get me wrong--I'm not complaining ; ) I actually think it has a bit to do with the fact that someone's head chopped off the bottom of my chin which makes it appear to be straight across just like Grace Kelly's. Hannah's friend Kate posted some of these on her blog and I thought, "that might be fun!" since she had some pretty close matches with hers.
Yeah, the more I look at it, its the cut-off chin. But, let's not steal my all my thunder, I did have another Grace Kelly match today! Oh, but wait... I think I had a cut off chin in that pic as well. Stink! And that really was making my day.

Oh! Why is Chelsea Clinton in the title, you ask? I got a match with her too. This didn't make my day. It was a newer more attractive shot of her, but still, Chelsea Clinton. When you get a Princess Grace and then a Chelsea, you kinda start to realize this is probably just another ploy to get me to waste time on the internet. But I'll post another one and let you be the judge.

The pictures are gone.--10/09/08