Thursday, March 03, 2011

what? a post?

So, you can usually tell if I'm caught up on housework by whether I'm posting or not. For some folks, I'm sure blogging is as much an obligation as folding clothes. For me, folding the clothes comes first. A+B=C, therefore it's good logic to assume that if I'm not blogging, I'm swimming in laundry. I actually am right now, but since it's almost cherry blossom time again, I thought I'd give a little post or two before then so I won't have only 2 posts a year. :)

Yesterday was Dr. Seuss's birthday, so we celebrated by reading Dr. Seuss stories in school and eating green eggs for supper. Since I just COULDN'T dye ham green, we had green pancakes instead. :)
OH, and what's that brick wall doing in my kitchen? You'll see. Eventually. ;)