Saturday, September 03, 2011


 My porch fan has been without blades for almost a year now. I took them off to replace them with some others that were much better looking.  The old ones were disposed of  before I realized the screw holes for the new blades didn't fit--like 2 mms too close together. So at least once a month, I'd walk out on my porch, want to turn the fan, and get sad. Buying a new fan wasn't really an option, and I didn't want to spend too much money on blades.
This week, I thought I'd take the kids to the habitat home store since I finally figured out where it is, and it's only a mile or two from Matthan's preschool.  What should be sitting there, sort of out of place? Some fan blades, for $5!  I measured them, went home and measured the fan, saw it was a match, and went back to get them.  It was a bit of a hassle loading and unloading the kids, but, they were the right size! I had to get them before anyone else did! But goodness, they were ugly. They looked like this first picture--bad enough!--but imagine this in white and shiny gold. No.

So I did what I've been wanting to try for forever, so I took off the attachments, painted them black, and reattached them to the undecorated side. Much better, don't you think? I love it--makes me want to get crafty with the rest of my porch. :)  Now I just need to find a fitting globe...