Wednesday, January 14, 2009

first picture post of...

I was going to put this on a card, but I could never get the pictures to print right after I collage-d them all together. So, here you go: Happy New Year!
I haven't posted in forever, and here's why:
Aubie and Jill had their first sleepover before Christmas, so I made aprons to remember it by.

I made a potholder, apron, and basket liner (painted the basket red) for our church ladies Christmas party.
For Leah's Christmas present, I made a reversible apron (she's been needing an apron for the art room) out of a reversible skirt she had given me. I also made myself 2 "puffed-sleeve" turtlenecks out of the 2XLs Ma gave me--one of them pictured here.
Finally finished Miss Debbie's prize!
New Year's Eve Costumes.
Made the letters for my costume (hemmed the skirt as well). I was Cordelia Drexel Biddle from "The Happiest Millionaire". Leah is Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. (sorry this pic is so tiny--I stole it from Facebook.) Made Daniel's hat and boot-covers from scratch, painted a thrifted jacket bright blue and added cuffs and a much bigger collar. Daniel was going to go for existential, but I thought it'd be a fun Christmas present for him to have the whole costume. And, guess what! he won the Best Costume prize! Woohoo! "Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow;
Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow."

Friend presents.
The ornaments were some that I cut out when Renee did ornaments with the kids and me. Then I painted them at home (much more peaceful painting by myself! : )
This one was for Lyndsay--3 down, 47 to go : )

And then lastly, possibly my favorite quilt yet. Not only is it so green (as in the color), its pretty "green"--as in it was 100% STASH!!!! Woohoo! (For those of you who don't know the term "stash", it means that it is all stuff that you already have. So technically, it didn't cost me a penny.)
The recipient is doing the nursery in John Deer, so green and yellow fields with corn and green beans seemed appropriate. The tractor toy has a squeaker inside!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

another Aubie-ism

Sorry its taken me so long to post. I feel like I have been crafting for weeks--will the projects never end? I've been making gifts, costumes, clothes, etc. non-stop (it seems) since late November. Toward the end of the week, I'll be doing a long picture post on a lot of the handmade gifts and things that I did this year (I have something I'm working on that I want to show as well, or I'd post it all today). I want to make even more of my gifts in 2009--I just want to get a much earlier start!

To preface this: I have always been amazed at how people think the word license is plural, as though it is one licen, and two license (e.g. I can't find my license anywhere. I think I lost 'em when I took 'em out the other day.) Its seems my child has the same sort of problem : )

Yesterday, Aubie was taking a ridiculously long time getting changed out of her jammies. I didn't know why, but when she asked me for help with her shirt, I understood. She had been tattooing her legs with a pen. There were As and Es and Bs, so I'm assuming her name was on there somewhere. I let out an exasperated, "Aubie." And her response was, "I didn't know."
I said, "I think you did know. Did your conscience tell you not to draw on your leg?"
Aubie: "Yeah, but they changed their mind."