Thursday, September 28, 2006

Daddy is back!

I am very excited to report that David returned safely from his Rebath business trip! He had a pretty good time in Ohio, and he was very surprised to come home and find the bedroom totally rearranged. Wanting to have done something of value while he was gone (besides just pine away awaiting his return), I asked my mom if she could come and help me organize something. So last night she came and said, "Let's rearrange your bedroom. I had intended on getting the dining room done, but our bedroom was in desparate need of a change. So we completely changed it around (even our chests of drawers. I have his now and he has mine). Its amazing what rearranging some furniture will do for a room. Same amount of furniture (plus we were able to add a chair) but now we have like twice the space. I am so thankful to have a very "spacial" mother. I am so happy with my bedroom, that I can't wait to get the dining/computer/sewing room organized.

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