Thursday, September 21, 2006

ok, so I bet you've been wondering

how Parents Day Out (isn't that such a politically correct name?) is going. Well, its going a lot better. *Tommy has been waiting till the last hour to scream his head off and that has been wonderful. 1 hour as opposed to 4, so I'd say things are definitely looking up! Once the *Tommy problem gets worked out, I will be so happy, because I have a room full of boys!(and one sweet, adorable little girl.) Boys fall, cry for a second and then start climbing again. My friend Renee (she has one of each) once told me that girls are more challenging emotionally, but boys test you in other ways. Well, having my own 2 year old princess (I mean princess in all forms of the word), I know that girls are emotionally challenging . But I have to admit, having 10 boys tearing up a room that doesn't belong to me and that I only have to clean up 2 times a week is pretty fun.

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