Monday, September 18, 2006

raggedy-old-early-nineties-bubble-suity overalls

Now that I have your attention...I stopped by a yard sale Saturday and got a cool plaid book bag for $.25. I thought the lady said $.75, but she said a quarter so I was like, "definitely!" Then she pointed to some clothes that were Aubie's size on a rack that I had already perused and the only thing that remotely interested me was a pink gingham Children's Place dress. But it had a stain on it, so I was thinking, fifty cents maybe. She wanted a dollar. No thanks. 'Course now I'm thinking, I could have talked her down to seventy five cents and and I probably would have gotten it. But I have enough refashioning on my plate as it is.
Oh, since I am on the subject of people valuing their stuff too highly (like the lady who put $32 on her daughter's raggedy-old-early-nineties-bubble-suitish overalls at the consignment sale I went to recently), I wanted to tell you about this skirt. I got it at the Salvation Army store shortly before I took the Refashion Challenge in July. I really didn't think I would have to refashion it, but it turns out that I need to chop the top off because it is at a very dowdy length and looks kinda dumb. It is home made obviously, because instead of hemming the bottom on the underfabric, they just let the finished edge of the fabric be the hem (sadly, I know because I have done this). Well, anyway, its kind of a cool skirt for $2.99 or at least it will be. But for some reason--and I don't think its to help the poor, otherwise stuff would be cheaper so they'd sell more of it and make more money--when you get your item to the register, the sales people at such places want to make it seem so much better than it is. Like a rusty pan--"Oh, those are the best pans. I make all my muffins in one of those" me-"so, how much is it? I didn't see a price." her-"Oh, uh, lets see, its $3.33." me-"oh, well, then, no." Well, when I brought this its-going-to-be-cool skirt up to the register, the lady said, "That looks like the bottom half of a wedding dress" in a voice oozing with $8.99. I quickly explained to her that it was just a skirt and I got it on the skirt rack. Uh, yeah. An unfinished hem on a wedding dress.


Anonymous said...

The $32 bubble suit reminded me of the consignment I went to in macon - for $22, I could've bought Caleb some clorox-stained mossy oak coveralls that had a button missing! Didn't consignment used to mean rich people's clothes for cheap? sounds like we went to the same sale! - Heather

Saige said...

Did you go last weekend to the one on Riverside? There were some cute things, but some folks were crazy! Just because it has "Tots and Toodles" namebrand doesn't mean I am going to buy something yucky! (I made that one up, but it sounds about right.) Did you end up finding anything? Saturday was half price so I found some cute things then. What got me was the yucky stuff was marked in red and you couldn't even get it half price.