Friday, September 01, 2006

time out

Oh! and Aubie had her first time out at school today. Well, actually make that her first, second and third time outs. She is so headstrong. She pushed Mary Katherine (her friend that loves her to death and drives her mom crazy saying Aubie's name repeatedly) down to ground. And when her teacher asked her to say she was sorry, Aubie got that dullbaby look. Like she can't understand a word you are saying and probably never has (I didn't see her do it, but by the teacher's description I know exactly what she is talking about). Miss Camille said if she didn't say she was sorry then she would have to put her in time out. After a couple of minutes in time out, Aubie said she was ready to apologize. But when she got near Mary Katherine, she did the dullbaby look, well actually its more like a whistling-at-the-ceiling look that cartoon characters do, only she doesn't whistle. Anyway, she refused to apologize. This happened several times. Miss Camille figured that Mary Katherine must have done something to upset Aubie and that is why she wouldn't. I don't know whether MK did anything or not, buy I have had an almost 2 hour long sequence of time outs with Aubie and it took her that long to finally do what I asked her. God give me patience. If a 2 year old is this strong willed... : )

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