Tuesday, October 24, 2006

back again

Its seems like just as I was getting started back blogging, I had to stop again. But it was for a good reason. This weekend, I had the best weekend ever. There is nothing like God showing his love to you over and over and over again. If you have never been to Tres Dias (or Cursillo or Walk to Emmaus), all I can say is, when you are there, you just find out how much God loves you. I just got really refreshed. It feels like my insides got a pedicure. Of course, after you have such a great experience, and you come home to the mess that was made in just a few hours of a two year old entertaining herself while her father worked from home, its really hard to "think high thoughts" and not let "the grime of daily living get you down (a line from one of my favorite old movies, Summer Magic)." But I have been trying. (In case any of you are thinking, "Well, her father should have cleaned up that mess before you got home!" You do not understand how very like being in the Twilight Zone--black and white and everything--it is to try to get out of the house and leave for the weekend with Aubie pulling out toys up until the very minute you leave. He did good to get out of the house.)
For the picture in today's post, you get to see what the cover of Summer Magic looks like. Yes, that tiny little blonde person is Haley Mills, and I don't know if you can see anyone else... (I am sure there are better Summer Magic pictures, but I could have taken this picture myself since Mom has it, so I didn't really feel like I was posting something illegally. )

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Aunt Karen said...

Okay, I must say I was going into withdrawals, checking for a new comment ever since you returned from Tres Dias! Glad you had such a meaningful time. Return to Reality does always seem to hit so hard...Love, Aunt Karen