Thursday, October 05, 2006


Just look at this thing. Is it not the coolest trivet ever? I got it at the Macon Rescue Mission about 2 weeks ago and wanted to post a picture as soon as I got it. But then came the pirate party and then David being gone and then the sickness that just has nearly gone away today (still not feeling my chipper self). It is just totally me. It says Moldova... pirates... it says yellow kitchen (and what's up with that floating chicken head?)! I just love it. So anyway, I got and said, "Wouldn't it be so cool to have a yellow and black kitchen." Well, guess what? I already do. My ugly plastic stick-on tile from the 1950's just happens to be yellow and black. How cool is that? Well, its not. At least the plastic stick-on tile isn't. So over the next few months, I plan on making that yellow and black kitchen I've been dreaming about for the last 2 weeks. With something as awesome as this to base it on, who cares if its stick-on tile? Did I mention its plastic?


Aunt Karen said...

The picture of the trivet didn't come up, Saigie. I know I've seen the kitchen before, but I want to see the trivet!
I posted a reply to yesterday's entry, but didn't remember my password so had to sign up again. Wanted you to give the Hurricane Aubielane a kiss for me.

Saige said...

Are you looking at it on AOL? Because it won't come up that way for me either. If you double click on the little red x, it comes up. But if you look at it on Explorer or Firefox it comes up automatically. So, try that. I think I messed it up when I got rid of the first picture and replaced it with this one. Thank you for commenting. It makes me happy to see the little "1 comments" in the corner. :)