Wednesday, November 15, 2006

what a Wiggly time!

Let me just begin this by saying, I love the Wiggles. We had a great time seeing them at the Centerplex last night. Wiggles fans will notice that someone else is wearing Greg's shirt. : ( We were told at the concert that he was sick and still at home in Australia. Here is a news article about his illness. I was sad that Greg wasn't there--I absolutely love his voice--but Sam, his understudy, did an awesome job. And of course the other Wiggles did such a great job distracting us from the fact that Greg wasn't there, that I was indeed distracted. I've read that some people feel jipped because they didn't get the "entire Wiggles experience". What the crap? is what I say. They did a smashing job and I would pay $34.50 to see them any day! (of course, thanks to Mimi, I didn't have to. Thank you Meems!) I love the Wiggles more than ever after seeing them "in concert". They just get up there and have fun and then include you and your child in that fun. And yes, in case you were wondering, they really do play their own instruments. Anthony (blue) plays the drums for real and of course Jeff (purple) plays keyboard, because he has composed many of their songs. And then, when it was time for Mu-Mu-Music with Murray, Murray (the one in red) said, "Let's see. Maybe a little something like this." And he started playing "Stairway to Heaven". It was great. David was impressed I think. He sorta thought they just played enough to look like they knew what they were doing on the videos. But they are Awesome! I love you Wiggles! WOOOOOOOOOO! ok, I wasn't this bad at the "concert", but just about. I kinda understand the British Invasion now (as in the Beatles, not the one Paul Revere was hollering about. And yes, I know they are Australian, not British.) Did I tell you I love the Wiggles?

I thought about cropping this picture of Captain Feathersword, but the people in the audience are so great. Look at how happy that lady is. And that little boy is having such a fun time!


Belle said...

Hi there!

I love the Wiggles, too. I have seen them twice and I swear I was more excited than my kids! They put on a fantastic show. Reading your review was a treat. It's nice to know the other guys are holding up while Greg is out.

Saige said...

Thanks! I know I was more excited than Aubie. She was just so overwhelmed by the lights and the people that she didn't know what to do.