Tuesday, December 26, 2006


There are many craft bloggers who would say, "Look who I found in my yard today" or "This little fella' came strolling through the leaves" or something cheesy like that. Kudos to the very first person who came up with such a "cute" way to describe their lastest creation. But since its been done (time and time and time again), I'm just going to put this picture on here and show you what I made. Except for the fact that I used a sweater (very hard to sew over all the bumps and unravels), he was prettty easy to make. I found the pattern here. Mom thought he was adorable!


Anonymous said...

I love my Scotty. Thank you, Saige! Love, Mom

Danna said...

I finally got a blogger name - Danna, but I'll sign off as Mom or Graham on yours. ~Mom

Saige said...

Yea! You got a blogger name. That is great! Now you can comment whenever you want. :)