Friday, December 29, 2006

some Christmas favorites

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from this Christmas and some of Aubie's favorite presents:
*her princess dress that my mom made
*the princess and the pink piano (keyboard, really) from Mimi
*the sunglasses and helmet that came with the scooter David's dad sent
* her doll house from Mommy and Daddy
*the daddy and kitty in the dollhouse
*(another favorite is her tent from MarMar, but I don't have a picture of that one yet)


Josh H. said...

I'm glad you all had a great Christmas. I especially like the pic of the dude in the doll house.

And I assume "MarMar" is Wal-mart? That's cute.

Saige said...

Actually, no, but that was a good guess. MarMar is actually pronounced "Mare Mare". Aunt Marilyn is MarMar to my cousins and now to Aubie as well. My mom's sister (hi, Aunt Karen) is Ka-Ka (long A sound). But Leah, absolutely refuses to turn into Le-Le. In fact, Dad called Leah that one time and Aubie said, "No, Pop. E-da (basically saying, 'her name is Leah')."

Aunt Karen said...

Cute pictures, Saigie. So does Leah not like Le-Le from anybody?! Uh-oh...I'm always calling her that! Or does she just not want Aubie to call her that 'cause E-da is Aubie's own creation?

Saige said...

She doesn't mind the long-time nickname so much, but she doesn't really want to be Aunt Le-Le. Really, she would like to be Aunt Leah, but we can't get Aubie to say the "Aunt" part just yet. She just says Eda right now.

kev said...

Poor dude in the doll house. I bet the other dude dolls make fun of him.