Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Have you been feeling a bit low now that the holidays are over? Could you use a little pick-me-up? Like a visit to a beautiful green land far, far away? Well, I don't have the money to send you anywhere, sorry, but for five cents at one of my favorite thrift stores you can get this: That's right, the Evergreen State in a capsule. Instant Washington. Now you don't even have to leave the house. You can just put a few of these little beauties in your bath water and poof! you're there.

Actually, I bought these to use as bribes. I've been having trouble getting Aubie to take her bath lately, and after buying her one packet, I saw how much she loved them (who doesn't love foam capsules?). I realized that this could be just the thing. She made me laugh when I was explaining this to her as we were walking through the store, because she kept asking me to buy some and I said that I was buying some because they were good incentive. And she said, "insinib?" She didn't quite understand my explanation as to what it was, but then, I didn't really want her to. If she catches on, I don't know how I'll get her in the tub.


Anonymous said...

Impressive, Aubie. The average American cannot pronounce incentive until their 21st birthday. Me, I could do it at 19. Yeah, I'm a genius.

kev said...

Since I forgot to sign my name to the above, I am revoking my "genius" label.

Saige said...

You crack me up, Kevin. I think you can still call yourself a genius. But I guess that would make Aubie a child prodigy then, huh?