Friday, January 05, 2007

instant washington d.c.

Can't you just see it? Some folks sitting in an office, trying to come up with their next souvenier pitch. "Hmmm. What about Washington D.C. recipe cards?" "No." "Pincushions! Everybody loves pincushions!" "NO." "What about..." "NO. Hey, remember a few years back, when we did that Instant Washington? The Evergreen State in a capsule?" "Yeah, yeah..." "Well, what if we..." "Put Washinton D.C. in a capsule?" "Yeah." "yeah." "I think it just might work!"
Well, poor dears didn't figure on none of the shapes looking like what they were supposed to be, did they? Little lumps of foam. That's all they are. The We're-number-one finger shape is actually supposed to be Washington's head and his monument combined. My favorite part is, "Watch the Nation's Capitol Appear!" As though dropping these in some hot water is going to be like the Wardrobe to Narnia or something.


Lyndsay said...

These capsules reek of Macon Rescue Mission. I've been dying to go again soon! Invite me to come see you or something....... (j/k :) )

Saige said...

I will. Would you like to come up one day next week? Like maybe Wednesday when Aubie is at school? We could even eat lunch with Lauren or something. :)

kev said...

I totally called the "Washington's head and his monument combined" foam thingy. I'm like that kid in Lady in the Water...I can see things others cannot.

I wonder if I'll use this skill for good or for evil?

Saige said...

But he only saw things in cereal boxes. So if you only see things in foam shapes that come out of capsules, then your gift seems quite limited. Even if you did use it for evil, what's the worst that could happen? ;)