Friday, January 12, 2007

lunch and thrifting, fun, fun, fun!

What a fun day. You can tell by the hats where we went :) Daniel cracked me up putting on his crown and he did a great job eating his chicken! Renee was very happy. Before we ate, Jill played with a little girl named Alicia, who found an old Wendy's bag (why it was there, I have no idea!) and began stuffing it with woodshavings. After she left, Aubie and Jill took over the task together. I overheard the word "gold" once or twice. And sure enough, when I told Aubie it was time to go (and time to throw the bag away, PLEASE), she began crying and saying, "I wan' play wi' my gold!"
So, our little pirates had been stuffing a leather bag full of gold and planning to bury it where no one could find it when, alas, the Evil Mommies told them it be time to depart and set forth to Goodwill (all the while hoping to find treasure of our own!)

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zeez said...

Those are some great shots, Saige! I love the one of Jill and Aubie gathering gold. And Dan-the-man being a ham!