Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I haven't blogged about this yet, because I didn't really want to bore everyone with a post about household appliances, but I am so very happy, I have to share my joy. When Mimi passed away, of course all of her belongings had to be distributed between the two daughters, Mom and Aunt Karen. Mom was going to get Mimi's old refrigerator and give me her old one, but she hated the thought of having to haul mine to Mimi's for the yard sale, Mimi's to her house, and hers to my house. She wanted me to get Mimi's, but we were a bit afraid that Mimi's wouldn't fit in the hole for the fridge that the previous owners had cut into the wall. We pulled out a few nails and boards (not as bad as it sounds), and Voila! It did fit! So instead of three moves, we only had to do an exchange, and I have a "new" refrigerator. I wish I could say that the "custom dispenser" works, but it doesn't. But I am so happy to have the extra space that a side by side refrigerator provides, I really don't care. Once I had everything moved into the "new" one, and still had empty shelves, I was amazed at how I could have worked with such limited space before. But the true amazement came when I saw my old one at Mimi's and thought, "Was that tiny thing mine? How in the world have we used that for 2 years?" Everytime I went grocery shopping, I would have to clean out the refrigerator. Now, I just put the groceries on one of the empty shelves : )
(I thought the blurriness of no flash added to the eighties look of the "custom dispenser")


Hubby said...

What a nice massive piece of history we now have.

Josh H. said...

I know that Z and I were happy when we got our new side by side fridge last year. We had the same feeling "how did we use that little bitty fridge before??"

Congrats, you guys!