Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yesterday was the longest day! It was a fun day, but good gracious. I will ALWAYS be sure that Aubie gets a full night's sleep before a sewing day. We went to Charis's, but since we are down to one car at present, I had to take David to work. Since we had to get up so early, Aubie was tired all day long. Every time one Charis's 2 kids did anything that even remotely favored being ugly (they are both very good children), Aubie would burst into tears. She's always been a bit sensitive, but I have never seen her like she was yesterday! So, from now on the rule is, Always get at least 10 hours sleep before you play with friends : ) Once I can get the camera from the car (David is out, and since the camera is with him, pictures will have to wait), I will show you the hood that Charis helped me make for one of the skits we are doing this weekend at Vida Nueva. It really is great, and only took maybe 30 minutes. I'll probably post a pic of the other things I made yesterday after this weekend. So, yeah. Sorry no pics yet, but when you only have one car, and the camera is in it, and the car happens to be gone, there is simply no way, is there?

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