Wednesday, April 04, 2007

corn dog clown nose

My funny girl eats corn dogs by taking the dog out first, then eating the corn--sometimes. I decided that mini corn dog bites might be easier for her to eat than the ones on the stick. So, tonight (because she doesn't like the texture of hamburger meat) she had those while we had hamburgers--so yummy too. Well, tonight she took one of the corn wraps from her plate (having already eaten the hot dog it had contained) and said, "you put dis on you nose, like dis." And proceeded to show us how it's done. I said, "Is that your clown nose?" When David told her to get it off her nose, it was making it greasy, she then shoved it in her mouth and said, "I eat my clown nose." She is such a mess! She was cracking us up doing her after-you-eat-your-clown-nose dance (I'll try to post it on here when I have time to figure out how to upload videos : ) ). corn dog clown nose danceOk. Here is the link. My own blog group doesn't seem to recognize me when I try to send the video to my blog, so you'll just have to click the link, sorry. (This is sort of a recreation since she has a tomato in her mouth for the video, but it was done within 2 minutes of the original.) Hope you enjoy : )

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