Monday, May 07, 2007

tea and crumpets

Last Thursday, we went to a tea party/birthday party. Aubie has trouble learning names right away, so Promise's name is just "my new fwiend", right now. It's so sad to be meeting new friends just before they move away, but now Aubie knows some missionaries that we can pray for when we say her prayers every night.

All the little girls had a lovely time--the big girls did too! : )

<---My Miss Priss


Aunt Karen said...

Oh, my...she looks so beautiful. Mimi and Bop are certainly smiling from heaven!

Lauren said...

Aww...too cute!! Miss you all very muchly.

Saige said...

I know, doesn't she just look precious? I'm sure they smile at this funny girl a lot. I can just hear Papa saying, "You a bird. You know that?" about her. Can't you?
We miss you too, Lauren! Hope things are going lovely for you! I plan on writing you soon :)

kev said...

Lauren stole my "aww" comment.