Thursday, October 04, 2007

my first video

For the past year, Aubie has loved to pick Bahaya? grass and eat it. Last summer, when I first noticed that she was eating some, I asked, "Where did you learn to do that?" She said, "Daniel tell me [to] eat grass." Since that time, every time she sees some, she has to pick it and eat it. Sometimes, she picks two and hands me one.
Her latest thing is wanting to go to China--thus the China question. The girl loves China! Just to see what she'd say, I told her as we passed the Dollar Tree, "You see that store? There's a lot of things in that store that are
made in China*." Her response, "Oh, Mommy. I wanna go there!" When I explained to her that the things were just normal American looking things, not really Chinese things, she said, "Mommy, I just kiddling." If it had actually been a store full of Chinese kites, dragons, lanterns, etc., I would have had to stop the car and take her inside. *I personally love China, Chinese decor, Chinese people, and I like Chinese food, but have taken a stance against buying goods made in China. I still do it occasionally, but I am trying my best not to support a system that has people working 18 hours a day, making 3 cents an hour, just so I can get something for 99 cents. It's a moral issue in my opinion.


Aunt Karen said...

What a sweet video. I'm going to forward it on to Garrett. He'll love it, too.

Kiss her for me. KK

Steve said...

But just think of all the Chinese people starving because you won't buy their stuff!! 8^O

Anyway, cool how you were able to get this post up just in time before heading to the hospital!

kev said...

I just heard the news! Congrats!