Wednesday, October 31, 2007

saturday, sunday, tuesday, wednesday

No, I haven't gotten confused on the lines from The Godfather via You've Got Mail in my title. That's just the days that are featured in this post.

Well, yesterday (Tuesday), we went to the pumpkin patch with Renee and her kids. We had fun, but I think Renee got much better pics than I did. As you can see from these first two--Matthan is saying, "No pictures please!" and , "Maybe if I just hide behind these overalls..." Aubie was completely distracted by all the other children, so a smile was pretty much impossible. Plus the poor dear was concentrating so hard on holding Matthan, I think.

Since Aubie doesn't ever look at the camera anymore, I just try to make sure she's in a pretty pose. I thought this one with the pumpkins looked cool.

Here she is as an ear of corn, a pumkin seed advertisement, and a sunflower with her friend Jill.

Daniel got his pumpkin painted on his face, while the girls had their's painted on their hands. I believe the pumpkin he's holding is the one he ended up with. He was so cute continually exchanging pumpkins until he found the tiniest one possible.

The sleeping picture is from Saturday, and the adorable awake picture is from Sunday. I am really wanting to compare his hairline in these to pictures, although the untrained eye wouldn't see much. Anyway, the boy is growing so fast. His hairline has already moved back an inch or so since this picture. It's like overnight his head grew 2 inches or something.

And this is my Wednesday picture. Aubie went with Leah and Mom to Leah's church for their fall festival. "Friendly costumes are welcome", so I let her wear her princess dress that Mom made her this past Christmas. She looked so pretty when she left. She'll probably have cotton candy and chocolate and all that mess all over her when she gets home, but she'll still be my little princess : )


Renee Douglas said...

We had such a fun time with you on Tuesday. What a beautiful and enjoyable day! Your children are so sweet and good-looking :)

Josh H. said...

I love the pic where Aubie's looking through the hole and looking down at what's painted on the front and the what's painted on the front is a large body clothed in blue.

She's looking down as if to say "could that really be me?"

kev said...

Aubie has my far-off visionary look down pat. It's a skill, and she's picked it up in record time!

Side note: The "word verification" I'm being asked to type in order to leave a comment is "kevdkf." I'm not sure what the "kf" stands for, but that's pretty cool.

Saige said...

Thanks y'all, for commenting. I feel so out of it, never posting or commenting anymore. I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things. I have a post that I started yesterday that should show up today, but that's how its been going lately :? Hopefully you'll see it this evening--I have to put the pictures on the computer, so we'll see.