Wednesday, November 28, 2007

artwork and olives and a few other things...

This post was actually started on the day that it says, but it's December 3rd and just now finishing it : (

I don't think she's singing to him here, though that is what it looks like. I like to imagine that she is though. It makes for such a sweet picture.

This picture is so weird. Leah thinks he looks adorable in it, but I think he doesn't look like himself at all. He's cute, but it doesn't look like Matthan.

Aubie loves olives. Her Daddy and her Granny both hate them. I'm happy she took after our side of the family--olives are my favorite!

I love the color scheme in this picture. It is so Fall-y. But kind of Christmas-y in a way too. Its almost like the transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

This is the best person that Aubie has ever drawn and the first complete one, I think. That little circle at the bottom started out being a person, but it looked like a lemon. So Aubie showed me the lemon. Then she said, "It's a lemon peepee." Of course, I laughed. And then said, "We don't need to draw bodily functions, though, Aubie." Obviously not understanding the word function, she shouted, "IT not a punkin!"

Another funny conversation in the same night:
David asked Aubie, "What about Wady Bogo*?"
Aubie: "Hers not a friend. Her fired. My Grandma say, ' You fire dat friend NOW!' "
David: "Who fired her?"
Aubie" "Da Firemen."
*Wady Bogo (rhymes with Lady GoGo) was one of Aubie's first made up names for an imaginary friend. It was at least a year ago that she said, "Wady Bogo. Dat's my new friend."

Hey, if you haven't seen the video below this post, check it out. It is so sweet.


Aunt Karen said...

Wow...Matthan is changing so fast! I can see that it is he, but I agree with you that it doesn't really look like he does (at least, as of Thanksgiving!) As for Aubie's picture...from a Pre-K teacher of 6 years and Kindergarten teacher of 2 years, her drawing is amazing! Hope you are all getting into the Christmas spirit. Love, KK

Aunt Karen said...

Oh, Saigie. You might need to add "Mom to Aubie Lane and Matthan" in your Profile comment. Matthan might read it years hence and wonder =]

Graham said...

My babies are so precious!