Friday, November 23, 2007


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Ours was so good. We went to Aunt Karen and Uncle Steve's house--truly the perfect Thanksgiving house. I'm not sure how it looks the rest of the year (except Christmas), but it is a lovely house for celebrating Thanksgiving. It was so nice being with family, and we really enjoyed meeting Corey and Garrett's girlfriends. They were both so nice.
Well, I'll start by explaining this tiny picture here. It was stolen from Aunt Karen. I had plans to get pictures of the four of us wearing our shades-of-brown corduroy, but I never asked anyone to do it and before I got around to it, Matthan needed to completely change clothes. So here it is, our one family shot--Matthan in his jammies, screaming his head off, and look. My cords aren't even visible.

Garrett holding Matthan for the first time.

Corey and Kat and the Cranberry Catastrophe (ok, so it wasn't a catastrophe, it was just quite hard to get the upsidedown--or whatever it's problem was--can open)

Don't click on this one, and you won't see how badly I focused ; )

Matthan, before his overalls were no longer photographable.

Bobby Wayne, Garrett, and Chelsea.

Another picture stolen from Aunt Karen's Picasa album. I was so happy it let me take the pictures--I had no idea they'd be practically invisible.

P.S. I am sorry that the words and pictures are always so funky and never correctly placed. They are when I type a post, but once it's published, it goes all wonky. I have tried and tried every way I know how to fix it, but it just won't do. Perhaps it adds to the quirkiness of the Saige Page, but I would rather that it didn't happen.


Aunt Karen said...

Saigie, we had such a great day. It was so perfect in so many ways. Aubie is such a beautiful, sweet girl and Matthan is so innocent and aware. I'm so glad I got that shot of the coursins! And I'm so glad that you all got to meet Chelsea and Kat. Looking forward to Dec. 22!

Dragonflydownunder said...

Hello Saige, Found you blog on a page of crafty bloggers, and noticed that you are a Pisces and a dragon, so I thot it would be fun to see how alike we are. I am a quilter and I was a stay at home mum. I now have 3 grandchildren. Congratulations on your beautiful children, and that you are 'there' for them. It fun to see you creations too.

Josh H. said...

Glad you guys had a great time (cranberry sauce notwithstanding).

We also had a great, fun Thanksgiving. Keep an eye on The Smoak House for updates on that.