Wednesday, November 14, 2007


"He definitely looks like PaPa when he's asleep", I thought. And for a split second--no, not even that long, maybe just a sudden thought--I wanted to call Mimi and tell her. But I couldn't.


Joshua said...

I miss Mimi too. She was so kind to all of us and so generous with her home and her pool.

Aunt Karen said...

In only 10 days, it is the anniversary of your PaPa's (my boys' Bop's) 83rd birthday. He almost made it to 81. So sweet to read your post. I've been missing them both so much.

Anonymous said...

The post and the comments both me cry this morning. Our little Matthan - a mixture of Plunk, Dean, Smith, Williams, Graham, Montgomery... the list goes on. It's so neat to be able to "see" so many people in the face of a child. Family is wonderful. Graham