Saturday, January 19, 2008

Now that January's almost over...

I posted this pictures in order of how they happened. Problem is, when you do that, the old ones are at the bottom and the new ones at the top. So, if you want to read this in chronological order, start at the bottom. If you don't give a rip, start anywhere you like. By the way, I started this post on the date above (January 19th), but just now have finished it (on January 30th). Sorry. I'm really going to try to start scheduling time to blog, instead of making it one of my "round to-its".

About a week ago, Aubie woke up and wanted to hold Matthan, so while she was still on her bed, I let her. She said, "This make a good picture." I thought it did too, so I got the camera.
And since Matthan was in such a good mood, I got a few of him by himself. Hasn't he gotten big?

We left our tree up till Epiphany and then some. But it was good that we kept it up so long, because Dorenda surprised us with a visit the weekend after Epiphany.

Ma got this outfit discounted after Christmas at Target. I wanted to get some pictures of my adorable Santa-baby.

As soon as Christmas was over, I started work on this quilt for Renee's new baby, Wendy. My deadline was Thursday, January 3 at 6:30 pm (I just did make it!) I had all the ladies at church donate a piece of fabric (it was the holiday season, so some folks didn't get to me in time) to put in the quilt. I had to piece the back (normally just one fabric) so I could make better use of the donated fabrics. I missed the New Year's party working on it, else I'd be displaying pics of our costumes, too. But one can only do so much crafting at the holidays, especially with a new baby. So we had a peaceful New Year's at home watching Meet the Robinsons (I didn't really watch I just listened--I was busy cutting squares), then watching the ball drop. (I know they're small, so if you click on the quilt pictures, you'll be able to see the details.)

These two are pictures from Christmas Eve at Ma's. We had a lot of fun.

Aubie got one of her favorite movies from MarMar--The Happiest Millionaire. I'm going to have to record a clip of her singing "Detroit" from the movie. Her little voice is so adorable.

I drew Aunt Karen's name for our Christmas in Atlanta drawing. So I made a quilt for her out of one of Mimi's old skirts. It turned out really nice, I think.

The skirt, the quilt, and a close up of the quilt and card that I made to match.


Josh H. said...

The one of Matthan laughing looks so much like David.

Steve Douglas said...

Yeah, and the one where he's in the red suit looks like...well, sans the beard, of course.

You know, it seems usual that the girl looks like the dad and the boy like the mom -- that's how it is so often, anyway. But not with you guys. Aubie's little Saige, and Matthan's baby David. Except that Matthan's cute ;)

Great pictures! Thanks for the update -- you've got a committed readership. :)

Aunt Karen said...

Thanks for the new pictures and news. I can't believe how big Matthan has gotten. He's precious. I think he looks like a baby Daniel myself! Aubie looks so cute holding him. Can't wait to hear her singing Detroit! I love my quilt, Saigie; you did a wonderful job. Keep up the updates! Love to all...KK

Dragonflydownunder said...

I love seeing your patchwork...well done! and seeing your kids growing....