Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Several weeks ago, Heather tagged me with this meme. Thank goodness she didn't tag me with her "50 Things About Me" meme, 'cause, I'll just tell you. It wouldn't be happenin'.
Ok. Here goes:

1. What translation of the Bible do you like best? KJV, but I really like my new English Standard Version and I really want to get a NASB.

2. Old or New Testament? Old Testament

3. Favorite Book of the Bible? Proverbs, definitely.

4. Favorite Chapter? Proverbs 1

5. Favorite Verse? Proverbs 30:28 (KJV)The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings' palaces. (I realize that the literal translation is not spider, but something like a gecko. I don't care. I love the way this verse sounds--even though I hate spiders--as well as what it means.)

6. Bible character you think you’re most like? I would love to be like Esther--beautiful, brave, totally dependent on God--or Jochebed, Moses' mother, who did whatever it took to save her child and trusted God with the outcome. As far as who I'm most like? I don't know.

7. One thing from the Bible that confuses you? I'm sure there's something, but I can't think of it at present.

8. Moses or Paul? Moses. Read Deuteronomy 34. (Thanks Heather for putting this passage in your answer. Sadly, I didn't know where to find it.)

9. A teaching from the Bible that you struggle with or don’t get? Paul's teachings about women (I'm just leaving Heather's answer here, because I think that's probably my biggest struggle too.)

10. Coolest name in the Bible? Matthan, of course. That's why I picked it!

Sorry. No pictures for this post. But I'll post one of my coolest-name-in-the-Bible boy and not-in-the-Bible-but-still-a-cool-name girl tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot. I'm supposed to tag someone else with this, right? I pick Leah ; ) (imagine this winky face saying "he he". Only, its not, because she and I both can't stand it when people say "he he". All the more reason for saying it after tagging her with a meme.)

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