Friday, May 23, 2008

walks to the park again

Hey, instead of updating the the other "walks to the park", I just thought I'd put the rest of the pictures in a new post. Only a couple of captions--we're leaving for Rome in a few hours and I don't really have time to be creative or funny. I really don't have time to post these pictures either, but I've been promising them for days, so here goes...


The tadpole's two worst enemies: Snapping turtles and mommies who don't know how to take care of tadpoles (after the first of our two died, we threw the other one back).



Graham said...

Saige, your photography is so good. I wish I could afford to get you a really expensive camera. You are talented in sooooo many ways and I am so very proud of you for your ingenuity and creativity. I love the pics of Aubie Girl and Baby Matthan.

Miss Debbie said...

Just a note to say I enjoy checking in here. It helps me keep up with how your children are growing.They are beautiful children. I took Chandler to Tanner Park at Christmas. It reminded me of all the fun our 3 had there.Nothing like a swing, a slide, and a walk in the woods--great memories. I'm glad you are taking pictures--you'll be glad too when they are taking their kids!!

Amanda said...

i can't believe how big matthan has gotten! my goodness! and aubie is so cute in that picture holding the jar. they are both precious!

also, i saw the pictures from aubie's party and you did a great job on that cake! I was thoroughly impressed by it and all the little ones were so cute.