Thursday, July 17, 2008

Aubie's artwork

Matthan by Aubie.

Aubie's art has gotten really impressive lately. She just started drawing people a few months ago, but within 10 or so people pictures, she moved from the head-with-arms-and-legs-attached stage to drawing a body and hands and feet with fingers and toes. She is such an artist in the perfectionist sense. She will start out drawing a person, let's say me. But because she doesn't have the skills to draw something how it looks or doesn't draw as well as Aunt Leah, she will change it and say, "oh, that's not you, Mommy. that's just an old lady, ugly man, bear ..." or whatever it looks like. Then some of her pictures, like the onion in the Curious George picture, start out as doodling and then she calls it what it looks like. I'm not sure if that's the case with the parrot or not. I don't think it is--I've seen parrots that look like that which she could have copied--but I'm not positive.

The parrot.

Curious George and the onion.

This a mermaid, water, and fish.


Heather said...

Very impressive! She must have her mommy's artistic talent.

Aunt Karen said...

Having taught Pre-K and Kindergarten, I definitely think she's gifted! =] Save those pictures!

Joy said...

Hey Saige you may not remember me. I am Mrs Deborah's daughter, Leah-Joy.
Your mom gave us your blog address and I thoroughly enjoy looking at it!

I remember going to your wedding and then I remember going to your baby shower at the Bradfeilds!

Your little ones are precious!

Come see me at my blog if you have time!

Debbie B said...

Well, I think that she's gifted! How old is she now? I haven't seen her since you were living in Rome shortly after she was born. Mark and I came by with some baby girl clothes.

Thanks for sharing her artwork!


Deborah said...

You are so creative that Aubie's artistic flair is no surprise to me!!Your blog encourages me to think more creatively...Your Mom is my shining example of using one's imagination to make days special with the things we have.

Aubie is a third generation creative, artistic girl!

Saige said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my girl's creativity. I really love to see what she comes up with. I think she's doing pretty good for a just-turned-4 year old : )