Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the picture speaks for itself

Several months ago, I called Matthan Curious George because he was always getting into things. Here's further proof: swinging from the chandelier.

Before you ask, "What kind of mother is she--letting her baby swing from chandeliers and load dishwashers?" Let me assure you that no monkeys or babies were harmed or put in danger in this photo shoot.


Heather said...

As I wipe tears of laughter from my eyes and stop my hysterical pig-snorting laughter, the thought comes to mind: "exactly HOW did he get up there?"

Aunt Karen said...

Matthan Zane! What a cutie! He is beginning to look a little like Aubie at that age, at least to me. More posts, please, Saigie!

Graham said...

He is standing on Leah's bed and her bed is so high he can reach the chandelier above it. Of course Saige is close enough to catch him.(That's for all you wondering out there!) Saige, he is a precious little monkey just like Curious George. Thanks for the ready camera to catch such cute photos.

Debbie B said...

He is too cute. Thanks for the disclaimer about the harming of monkeys! LOL


becki said...

You are right, Maxton isn't swinging yet....

I liked Batman, it really kept me on the edge of my seat. I'm thinking there will be another after this one. Did you enjoy it?

Thanks about the quilts. I get more excited about the fabric than the actual quilt pattern, so i tend to make real easy ones to showcase the fabric. I am just about done with the Very Hungry Catapillar and then I will post pics on that too.

Hope your summer was a good one..I'm a "fall girl" so I'm anxious for that and to celebrate the 1st birthday!!