Tuesday, January 06, 2009

another Aubie-ism

Sorry its taken me so long to post. I feel like I have been crafting for weeks--will the projects never end? I've been making gifts, costumes, clothes, etc. non-stop (it seems) since late November. Toward the end of the week, I'll be doing a long picture post on a lot of the handmade gifts and things that I did this year (I have something I'm working on that I want to show as well, or I'd post it all today). I want to make even more of my gifts in 2009--I just want to get a much earlier start!

To preface this: I have always been amazed at how people think the word license is plural, as though it is one licen, and two license (e.g. I can't find my license anywhere. I think I lost 'em when I took 'em out the other day.) Its seems my child has the same sort of problem : )

Yesterday, Aubie was taking a ridiculously long time getting changed out of her jammies. I didn't know why, but when she asked me for help with her shirt, I understood. She had been tattooing her legs with a pen. There were As and Es and Bs, so I'm assuming her name was on there somewhere. I let out an exasperated, "Aubie." And her response was, "I didn't know."
I said, "I think you did know. Did your conscience tell you not to draw on your leg?"
Aubie: "Yeah, but they changed their mind."


Aunt Karen said...

Do you think she was influenced by her tattooed =( cousins? =)

Aunt Karen said...

That was supposed to be a frowny face after "tattooed" denoting their mother's dismay, but the way the type came out doesn't translate!

becki said...

Too cute of a story! I can't wait for all the fun stuff that will come out of Maxton's mouth!!! Right now it's not as witty, but I hear "oh wow!!" all day long!