Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two posts in one week? What?

Sunday was such a beautiful day! We really did have a happy Easter. Can you believe we actually have a picture of the whole family? And we're all dressed up? Wow!
Craft points: I made my skirt out of two pillowcases (Note to self: never make a skirt without using a pattern and try to put a zipper in, too). And Mom made Aubie's dress as practice for the upcoming flower girl dress.

The kids had an egg hunt at Mom and Dad's. I didn't realize that Aubie still had her jeans on under her dress when I took the picture (she changed back into her Easter dress for the hunt--I wasn't going to let her eat in it!)
Matthan really didn't enjoy "hunting" up eggs (there was really no hunting to it--they were scattered all over the ground). He was more interested in the contents of the only three he picked up.

P.S. Until I get a charger for my camera battery--cannot find it anywhere : ( --I'll be taking pictures the old fashioned way. Kinda fun for a change, but with a wiggleworm of a son, I'm pretty sure I'll be wasting a good bit of film.


Aunt Karen said...

Saige, the pictures are beautiful. I love the one of the whole family...and of Aubie and Matthan (with Aubie looking away and her jeans peaking out under the beautiful dress Graham made!). I'm sorry about your charger. Film will be challenging (and more expensive) after being used to digital. I remember when it was the other way around for me! Hope you find that charger soon. Love to all. xoxo KK

The Rich Family said...

What a beautiful family you guys are! I love Aubies dress.

Josh H. said...

Really nice photography, Saige. Good job!

Saige said...

Thanks for the compliments on the photos--it makes me feel happy to know that I've still got skills with film (I just wish I knew how to develop it, and that would make me even happier). And I really kinda like the grainy look that "old fashioned" pictures have--you have to use Photo Shop to get those results with digital.

Miss Debbie said...

Nice family picture! Matthan is getting so big! Aubie is so pretty! We went to a senior mass comm luncheon yesterday with Amanda. There was a lady taking pictures with one of those disposal cameras that make so much noise when you advance the picture. I thought that was rare these is that again? Just think, one day when today's kids grow up, that's probably what they will ask!!!