Tuesday, May 26, 2009

pony party (some craft ideas, too)

Aubie turned 5 last week, and this past weekend we had her party. She requested a pony party, so here's what it looked like:
Waiting to pull the pinata strings. Does this pinata look sorta familiar?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle has a whole new meaning to me now... Like, revamping last year's castle pinata by painting a couple of horses and turning it into a "pony palace" or...
cutting the pony tails from the end of a purple plastic table cloth I've been able to reuse for several years.
Easy Pin the Tail on the Pony: Online horse coloring page, magnified on Paint, then printed (on several pages) and traced onto a Dollar Tree shower curtain.
Aubie opening gifts. She loved all of her pony presents especially!

Time for cake and icecream!

Jill with her pony.
A whole bunch of ponies. I was having a bit of trouble coming up with ideas to go along with the pony party theme. Why not make hobby horses? I found this great tutorial and improvised a bit. Instead of a dowel rod, I used mops from the Dollar Tree. Aubie has been wanting a unicorn hobby horse for several months now, but I didn't want to spend $15 on one that was too short for her. Since I bought new fabric for her horse, I'd say her's cost maybe $3 or $4. For all the others I used scraps that I already had, so they ended up costing around $1.50.


Heather said...

What a great "refashioned" party!

Aunt Karen said...

So glad to see this...I'll be keeping the pony theme in mind when I (finally!) get her gift. Love, KK

Debbie B said...

What a very cute party. You did great on those horses!!!


becki said...

Such a cute party! I bet it is fun planning little girl parties! I'm trying to brainstorm some ideas for Maxton's birthday...what do you do for a 2 year old?? Love your hobby horses too! Way clever!!

The Rich Family said...

what a cute party! I haven't done too well giving our kids birthday parties. It usually end up being just family and a bought cake. I want to get better about making their birthdays more memorable though. Thanks for the idea's!

Erin said...

saige, you are so creative. i love those ponies. what a good idea!! i love reading your blogs!