Saturday, March 20, 2010

cherry blossom time

So, what year is this of our Cherry Blossom Festival tradition? I think the first year, Daniel was 10 months old. Actually though, we went the year before that, only it was night time and with other friends too. So yeah, we've been doing this for 5 years! Wow. Hard to believe.

Aubie watching the sea lions with some random children.

Pre-drama picture. Naptime + Crowds+ the motorcycle already being taken= Little man not riding anything the whole time and lots of tears. I even tried to see if he wanted to ride later when the motorcycle was free, but he just wouldn't do it. :(

Another pre-drama picture. Should have known better (I did, actually, but didn't stop her) than to let Aub ride with Daredevil Daniel. She enjoys going round in circles at the lowest level. He enjoys pushing the throttle and staying at the highest the dragon will take him the entire ride. Needless to say, there were LOTS of tears. :(

Some fun after all. It's always fun to continue throwing rocks when your mother is telling you its time to go and all your friends are waiting on you.

The PINK choo-choo train could not be avoided by this young man. Even though it was pink. :) But, it was a stationary train, so there were no tears here!
(Oh and a crafty thing--Matthan's shirt is a freezer paper stencil I did for him. The boy needed a motorcycle shirt something awful!)
All the kids are in this picture somewhere... The more children, the harder it is to get the picture! So next year, I am not sure if I'll be able to get a shot at all--the newest member of the bunch will be really be wanting to explore by then. :)

As we were walking back to the van, a helicopter was about to fly off, so we all stopped to watch.
After minutes of waiting, finally, it took off! It was a lovely day to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival and we all had a lot of fun. Sadly, I forgot to get the traditional 5-kids-in-the-back-of-the-van picture. Kinda sad, cause next year we'll be driving separately. Oh well, I'll still have the memories. :)


Graham said...

She has her Graham's fear of heights, I hate to say! She even cringes at the thought of going up in an airplane. I didn't teach her this stuff, honestly!

Karen said...

and I guess KK contributed to her fear of speed. I don't like going fast, except when I'm walking! cute looked like a beautiful day in maconga!

Miss Debbie said...

Everyone is getting SO BIG! Glad you had fun... I hope you used sunscreen!! :-) Did your mom tell you I am a blogger now? Woohoo!! Come see me!!

Miss Debbie said...

Hey Saige! Thanks for visiting me at The Sandwich Years. It was a happy surprise to find your comment! Have fun in OK!!