Tuesday, May 25, 2010

original artwork

I've had these brown squares for a while--I think Leah got them while she was teaching art or something, and passed them along. And I've always wanted to do something cool with them. Well, one day a few months ago, I decided to let the kids use just my kitchen colors (yellow and black) to paint something for the shelf (that is not yet completed, but kind of hanging anyway).

Aubie was neat, and stuck to the color scheme by mixing colors as little as possible.
Matthan on the other hand...

But now I have two very yellow-and-black and very original paintings for my kitchen. AND... you will have to see how they are arranged (currently) in another post, since I can't get my pictures to upload right now. So just enjoy these shots of this dainty girl and this messy boy and then imagine what fun I had cleaning my kitchen after they were finished. :)


Graham said...

Your kids are all girl and all boy. Love the "Picass-toe" by Matthan. Aubie's is so good. I, of course, have enjoyed the artwork in your kitchen!

Debbie B said...

Too cute!! Can't wait to see them hung!


Miss Debbie said...

You are so brave!! :-) I know those two had a ball being "creative"!