Monday, August 30, 2010

more guitars for the guitar room

I've had a 4-picture frame that I bought at Kirkland's hanging on the wall for MONTHS now. I am very sad to say that I left the fake people pictures in the frame and even sadder to say that the way it was hung, those people were sideways. :I
My plan was to take a picture of each of us with David's guitar and put those 4 pictures in the frame. To let you know how long it's been hanging on the wall, "each of us" meant Saige, David, Aubie, and Matthan. :) When I knew number three was coming along, I also knew I had to put up with the sideways people for a little longer. But here's what ended up going in the frame:
This is back before we were married--I think we might have been engaged. But I like that it was an already existing picture even though all we have is a copy made on a copier. And this is actually a picture of that copy. (I mean, I'm sure the negative is somewhere, but who knows where, and the little 2x3 picture is somewhere too but I'm not sure of it's location either.)But with it being one from before our marriage, itt's kinda saying, "Here's where it all began".

My sweet girl.
I love it when he's serious like this (a rarity!).
I "Paint"-shopped this picture to get rid of the grass that was showing because I didn't spread the blanket out far enough. :I Thankfully, you can't really see the weirdness from up on the wall. :)
The finished product. (You can see my yellow kitchen through the doorway.)


Karen said...

very, very nice! love how it all came together.

Miss Debbie said...

Oh Beige, I love it! ha! ha! It really looks great, Saige. You are so creative.... I guess it is in your genes!!

Saige said...

Thanks! And Miss Debbie, I think I'm going to steal your idea for my other frame--it's got space for 3 pictures--and put our wedding date.

Graham said...

I love these pictures of my sweet babies.