Friday, August 25, 2006

A few pictures of the aforementioned adorable 2 year old

Just about every day Aubie says, "Go to Park, Mommy? We go to Park?" Though we are so fortunate to have a park across the street, Mommy gets tired and hot playing outside. I am sure I will enjoy it much more in the fall. Here are a few pics of our visit the other day.

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Hannah said...

Yipee! You have a blog! I am so excited! It makes me feel like youre just around the corner now.

Aubie is so big! She is so cute and just....I'm speechless! Wow! Give her a hug from the lady that show's up every now and then.

Don't be so hard on yourself Saige. Things will get done. When they are this little(kids) most people understand that you can't get everything done all the time. Kids are demanding. They don't relize it either. You kinda have to give yourself a break because they won't. Well, I have to put Lorna down now. Check ya later!