Sunday, August 27, 2006

First night away from Pookiedoo

Its our anniversary on Monday, so we are spending the weekend at a lovely (yet a bit messy) place to celebrate. It feels just like home. Well, it is home, but Aubie isn't here. Mom and Dad agreed to keep her so that we could have a night and morning (woohoo! I get to sleep in) to ourselves. Only problem with this place is you have to do your own dishes. SO, with that said, I guess I had better get those dishes done so I can enjoy my sleeping in tomorrow (we go to church in the evenings, so in case you were wondering, we aren't "heatherns"). Good night!


Hannah said...

Here's a late "Happy Anniversary" to you! I tried to post it on my blog lastnight but the blog froze and I lost my post. It did it twice so I didn't try it again. I hope ya'll had a wonderful anniversary date!

Saige said...

Thanks, Hannah. Happy Anniversary to you too (though very late)! It sounds like you guys had a much needed night out as well :)

Renee said...

So, does being married for 7 years feel any different?

I'm so glad that you and David were able to have some time alone together and celebrate.