Monday, September 25, 2006

Do the Baby Bop Stomp

Aubie got to meet Babee Bopp and Barnee (I refuse to use the actual spelling for these locally made knock-offs) this Saturday at a birthday party. She wasn't afraid of them, and as far as I can tell, she thought they were really them. She said, "Barney is Big." I guess he does look pretty big in person and a different color too ; ) The kids loved them though, and I guess that's what matters. The thing that gets me is when they started dancing with the moms. Who was I dancing with anyway? eeek! It kinda reminds me of when my Aunt Marilyn took us to Rock City and Rocky(the Gigantic Dwarf) started flirting with me and Leah. I was wearing a souvenier Texas T shirt (it had a picture of some canyon or cactus or something brown and tan inside an outline of the state) of Aunt Marilyn's because when we got to her house, she said we were staying one more day than we had planned and we hadn't brought enough clothes. So, anyway, while Aunt Marilyn was inside, Rocky starts asking if we were from Texas (all in weird hand motions) and of course we said no, and then starts doing some kind of sign language that I never understood until a few months, maybe even years, later. Oh! He was asking us where we were staying! During those days, I always pictured a handsome dark haired, brown eyed guy who was working a park job for the summer. But now I'm thinking, any guy who would flirt with a girl in an iron-on-looking Texas shirt couldn't be all that.

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