Monday, September 11, 2006

goth girl

I thought my daughter was happily playing in the living room with her Winnie the Pooh stamp...

Called Poison Control and they said the worst part of something like this is getting the stains out. So at least I don't have to worry. : )


Hannah said...

Lol...that's great! Not for you to deal with, just the picture! She looks like her mommy! What a cutie! I see David to but mostly you Saige.

Saige said...

I messed up on my first comment so I deleted it. There should be a way to correct it instead of having to delete it. Anyway... the first one said:
Isn't that crazy? I mean, look at those teeth! I put her in the tub and got her a cup of water and made her swish and spit and swish and spit. I brushed her teeth too, but it still took a couple of hours for the color to completely come off. I told her to never, ever put anything in her mouth that was not food. The day before she had put something in her nose and then last night, I went ahead and gave her a lecture on ears just in case she got any ideas. Thanks for looking past the purple mess and seeing a cute girl underneath.