Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Parent's Day Out Vol. 2

Good gracious! I just wasted like 20 minutes posting something that was misdirected or linked badly or something. I forget what it told me. Anyway, we will see if I can remember what I posted. Hmmm. Hmmmmmmm. Oh yeah! I had an awful day. Worse than the one that I posted all the a's and u's and w's, etc. 4 hours of screaming pretty much. Ok, so maybe there was an hour that he wasn't crying. But not all together, it was more spread out, like 5 minutes here, 15 minutes on the Bye-Bye Buggy, 10 minutes during lunch, and... wait. That's not adding up to an hour, is it. Pretty much the only way I can have a peaceful day is to let the other boys (we have 11 and 1 girl; 9 boys today, the girl was sick) climb on the table, push each other around, and snatch the riding toys and grocery cart back and forth. Doesn't sound peaceful? Oh, but it is, because at least *Tommy is quiet. Yes, dear little *Tommy. He really is a precious child, but I think that the problem is he is too intelligent for my class. Like a kid that supposedly has ADHD, but really he is learning numbers and colors when he should be reading Pride and Predjudice. All the other kids forget about Mommy as soon as she leaves--Oh boy! A tractor!--but not *Tommy. He remembers to ask me every 10 minutes, "Whe my Mommy a-yut?". Never loses focus. I ended up talking to the preschool director about it today, because I was just at my wits end. She gave me some suggestions, so hopefully those work. Just pray that they do. Between a purple daughter and a sobbing *Tommy, I have my hands full.
*The name has been changed to protect the... child.

Here's another unrelated picture:When a picture has nothing to do with the post, I at least try to make it interesting ; ) Its a package of rice noodles given to me by the little Japanese girl in my class last year. Isn't the little man adorable?

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Anonymous said...

That looks yummy! I love rice noodles!
So sorry about Tommy-boy. Thats tough! I am the corrdinator over the 3 year old class at our church on Sundays, just recently! I have my first encounter the 1st of October. I have been in the infants to 12 months for almost 2 1/2 years and it wasn't so bad. I did have a few kids that cried the whole service but usually after a few Sundays they chilled. I kinda feel like I am in for a surprise. I hope it won't be too bad. Maybe better???? One can wish eh? I hope that Tommy-boy will chill for ya soon!