Monday, October 30, 2006

Waaaah. I keep looking at all these great craft blogs and everyone of them has their own unique header. Like So cool. But I cannot figure out how to get something like that without paying an arm and a leg (or going insane). The blog pages that are extremely easy to figure out (the kind I need) cost a lot of money. And the ones that are free, well, they're cute, but if you want to do anything special on it, you have to understand how to talk the language, and I don't! I think this calls for something drastic. I am gonna have to ask David for help. And hopefully, in a few days, the Saige Page will start looking even more Saige-y.

A fall flashback. Aubie playing in the leaves 2 years ago. :' ) <--- My version of a happy/sad face (I figured out how to make one, Sue!)


Lyndsay Horne said...

I went to that website and I am so jealous! All that cool fabric and vintage stuff!! Makes me want to go shopping!

Saige said...

It makes me want to start crafting. I can't just keep looking at websites about it! Its time to get busy!