Saturday, November 11, 2006

Georgia on my mind

I am so excited to post this! Cause, guess what? I finally have something crafty to post after what? like 2 months? Good Gracious! Some friends of ours are moving to a very far away, very cold state. So I wanted them to remember Georgia as a green, happy place. This pillow was so fun to make and it really didn't take that long to do either. I was like, Thank you, God! for this idea, etc. My last project, though I had the inspiration (and a deadline), was an easy purse pattern, but my sewing machine kept acting wonky and I was praying the whole time that I could just get it done (I did, thank goodness, but right on time. Oh and the reason I haven't posted it is because I had to take the picture with my "snail" camera). This time, things went swimmingly! I actually got done 18 hours early! Amazing, isn't it? That I got done 18 hours early? This calls for a woohoo. Woohoo!

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L said...

Woohoo! It looks cool. I want one for Christmas. And one with England, too.