Monday, November 13, 2006

Grace Kelly and Chelsea Clinton

How in the world did they get 83% for Grace Kelly from this picture. Don't get me wrong--I'm not complaining ; ) I actually think it has a bit to do with the fact that someone's head chopped off the bottom of my chin which makes it appear to be straight across just like Grace Kelly's. Hannah's friend Kate posted some of these on her blog and I thought, "that might be fun!" since she had some pretty close matches with hers.
Yeah, the more I look at it, its the cut-off chin. But, let's not steal my all my thunder, I did have another Grace Kelly match today! Oh, but wait... I think I had a cut off chin in that pic as well. Stink! And that really was making my day.

Oh! Why is Chelsea Clinton in the title, you ask? I got a match with her too. This didn't make my day. It was a newer more attractive shot of her, but still, Chelsea Clinton. When you get a Princess Grace and then a Chelsea, you kinda start to realize this is probably just another ploy to get me to waste time on the internet. But I'll post another one and let you be the judge.

The pictures are gone.--10/09/08


Josh H. said...

Ha! I can totally see the Gillian Anderson resemblance. I wonder who I look like....

Saige said...

Yeah, I thought that was the closest. But the Chelsea, even if it was close I don't want to own up to it.