Friday, December 15, 2006

first Christmas play

Here it is--the shirt with handprints that don't belong to my daughter. Tada! This was her outfit for the Christmas play. All the kids were so cute. And not a one of them cried! There were like 200 parents and relatives there so of course over half of the kids had stage fright. Aubie was one of those stage-frightened children. Poor thing--she couldn't quite get her hand motions to go with her singing. Half the time she didn't sing at all (which was sad, because she sings all the time at home). But her little wave to us was so sweet. She would look around a bit and then look at us and do a tiny little wave--hoping to not get in trouble, but wanting to make sure we saw her at the same time. She was so precious.


Josh H. said...

Watching little plays and cantatas and such is something I am definitely looking forward to experiencing when we have children.

Saige said...

It really is so much fun, Josh. Watching her made me feel like one of those parents on a camera commercial or something. She was just so cute. I won't ever forget that little face.