Tuesday, December 19, 2006

what a weekend!

This weekend was stinkin' busy! Thursday (which is not a day of the weekend--I realize--but its getting there), we had David's work Christmas party. Then Friday morning, I had my work Christmas party. Friday night--thank goodness--we didn't have anything planned, but my brother dropped by for a short visit. Then Saturday morning, I woke up really early and went to some doorbuster sales and got home at 8:50, which made David late to his 9:00 Airsoft game. Then Saturday afternoon I went to my brother and sister's house to help get ready for the 4th Annual Daniel Dean Christmas party (I'm 4 for 4). Sunday morning, our church praise team (me, David, and our friends Josh H. and Steve D.) lead the congregation in Christmas carols at the church I grew up in (oh, wait! which means all this busyness started Wednesday night because we had a hugely long practice--Christmas songs are harder than they seem). Then Sunday afternoon we went to the wedding of the pastor's (of that church) daughters wedding (yet another very pretty Christmas wedding). Then Sunday night, we had a sort of Christmas party with our church at Mom and Dad's. And finally--I'm coming in for a landing, as Dad says--last night, we had our ladies Bible study. Today, I should have been going to a friend's house to sew all day and then our families have supper together, but alas. Aubie and I both were just too worn down from all the busyness. She had a fever (no symptoms, just fever) and I just feel exhausted. No more plans for this week except finishing shopping (only a few little things to buy) and then Christmas! Woohoo!

So anyway, here are few pics from Saturday night:

*a fun game of invisible football. by the way--To all who were there: Let's plan a game of invisible football when I know I won't be sleep deprived and see if I play any differently. If not, I'll quit making excuses, I promise ; )

*My Dad and some others doing serious puzzle work (only to be destroyed hours later by Hurricane Aubilane) while I discuss shoes with Amanda and Miss Debbie.

attempting to do her part putting the 1000 piece puzzle together (prior to becoming a devistating force of nature).

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