Wednesday, January 24, 2007

dead rabbits

For those of you wondering what the actual story is on pregancy killing rabbits, here is a link:The Rabbit Died
The only dead rabbit pictures I could find were disgusting, so yes, this is original artwork ; ) The inspiration behind this piece is the very good news that I have just gotten. Thus the happy colors despite the dark subject matter. What I want people to get when looking at this is a sort of happy, melancholy feeling. A knowing that the rabbit gave up his life for another's happiness.


RobinPregnancy said...

Congrats! I think you did a fine job on the rabbit.

zeez said...

kinda reminds me of charlie the unicorn.

kev said...

Of all the people in history I would like to meet, the person who discovered this dead rabbit trick would rank near the very bottom.

And yes, very similar to Charlie the Unicorn. Is he missing a kidney, too?

Lesser Half said...

That's my artistic wife! Thats a really nice dead bunny. Makes you want to go and buy one. Love ya!!!